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by Dee Dawning
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Manhattan Miracle by Dee Dawning
Dee Dawning
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BLURB Take investment banker Brad Fairchild who, while celebrating a big promotion, meets gorgeous, model/escort Ginger Allen. After dinner and dancing, add a touch of spice, blend well, then let simmer overnight. Toss in two well meaning angels who transpose Brad's and Ginger's bodies. Insert a dose of evil in the form of Brad's big boss who obsesses over Ginger. Include a pair of New York's finest plain clothes detectives and you have all the ingredients for a most enjoyable, crazy, funny, sexy, suspenseful story. EXCERPT I felt a slight brush of my hair, accompanied by the pleasant a floral fragrance of a woman's perfume. I turned my head to follow the retreating sound of a woman's high heels and was rewarded with a visual treat. Long blonde hair and a classic coke-bottle shape rode upon perfectly formed legs. It was as if Barbie doll had come to life. When she turned and ducked into the ladies room, I elbowed Lew. "Did you see that?" He raised his eyebrows and nodded slow and precise. "The blonde?" I nodded. "Yeah! Nice!" "Did you see her face?" "Ah-huh. She's gorgeous. I watched when she and her equally hot friend came in. They must be models or something." "Where? Where's her friend?" I surveyed the lounge. "She's sitting at the bar. Tall, with auburn hair, wearing a short teal shift, and legs up to her waist." I looked over and sighed. "She is stunning. Can you imagine what it must be like to look like that? To be that desired. If I was a woman and looked like that, I'm afraid I would be a real slut." Lew laughed. "From what I can tell, you're a slut now." I laughed. "I'd like to be a slut, but I don't have the sex appeal. Men are so restricted, suits or sports coats and ties, while women like these, exude their sexuality through their clothing, hair and makeup, manicures, pedicures. It's not fair." "Sounds like you'd like to be a woman." "No, I'm happy as a man. I just think it might be a blast to be a sexy, trendy woman—to dress to your personality—to have guys come to you instead of having to go to women." Lew started to answer me, but I put a hand across his to shush him as the blonde came out of the ladies room and strolled toward us. Lew was right, she was gorgeous. I stared straight at her and she smiled. She passed and my head turned to follow her gait as she wove her way back to the bar and her friend. "Well, what do you think?" Jimbo asked, obviously privy to our conversation. "Extraordinary." "I know. If I wasn't married… But I am so… What about you Brad? You're not married, and as far as I know you're not involved." Lew chirped in. "No, Brad's not involved. He's a player, aren't you?" Don't I wish? "I play around occasionally, but lately I've been in a drought." Lew frowned. "A man of the town has to make their own breaks. You're getting a big promotion tomorrow and have every reason to celebrate." He hitched his head toward the lovely ladies, "And I'd start right over there. Give it a try." ~ * * ~ I smiled at Amber and took my seat. "So, when is your Thursday date…what's his name again?" "Fritz." "That's right. Reminds me of a potato chip or a drink." I snickered. "I'll have a wine fritzer. When's he supposed to be here?" Amber shook her head. "Only you. Fritz will be here any minute. So how'd your trip to the restroom go? Did you stir up any interest?" "I don't know. Mostly, I got the usual inane pickup lines. But I have a good feeling about one guy. His eyes undressed me as I walked by." "I know. Doesn't it feel great when they do that? Which one?" "The brown haired guy, partially blocking the aisle with his chair over by the ladies room." "Oh, yeah. He scoped me out, too, while you were in the rest room. From what I could tell, he wasn't bad to look at." Amber's brow rose and she stuck her hand over mine. "Don't look now, dear, but he's on his way over here."

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